BEHIND THE BLOG

Hola! it's me, not a girl and not yet a woman behind this blog. My full name is Sari Putri Utami, but you just simply call me Puput. was born 23 years ago in a little city in a petit island at east java, Indonesia. Grown up and livin in Jakarta as a social media enthusiast, hijab blogger, experimental photographer (for my blog actually), a bathroom singer, an amateur pianist, part time fashion observer and a master-degree student. I love everything about culture, islam, music and philosophy.

                                            THE BLOG

This personal blog mainly about my outfit look, everyday life, my randomness insterest and i love to share anything to other people and welcoming people who want to share their opinion here. I write every single post in this blog from my point-of-view and hopefully the readers can surf this blog in objective way. And for the last, thank you so much for your appreciate to this blog and welcome to my blog world.


  1. hi, salam kenal..
    nama kita sama.. tanggal lahir pun sama

  2. salam kenal juga ya...
    semoga mendapatkan suami yang sholeh juga... amin...